The Shrewsbury Katsu Karate-Do Club provides an ideal venue to learn karate within a local and friendly environment.                                   

Established for over 25 years, we train students and guide them through the international karate grading system.

A coloured belt system makes it easy to recognise the level of your colleagues and instructors and provides tremendous enthusiasm for students to reach the next level.

Coloured beltStudent Grades are known as Kyu Grades, while Master Grades – the black belts are known as Dan Grades.

We monitor and encourage our students through the syllabus throughout their training to improve their performance and techniques and enter into the next grade level with a sense of achievement. 

Our grading sessions are twice a year within our own dojo – training hall. Family are welcome to come along and encourage the achievement of students (fees apply for grading which includes belt and certificate).

Most of all you need to enjoy Karate - we will help you train and prepare for grading - but there is no pressure, you set the pace.