Karate Classes

Shrewsbury Katsu Karate-Do Club - Every Friday from 7pm to 8.30pm.

Join us at our Shrewsbury Karate Dojo - Training Hall each and every Friday from 7pm. We are a friendly local Karate club that have been meeting for over 25 years. If you are looking for a karate club for yourself or your children, to keep-fit or to defend, and to take part in a fun sport, come along to our Castlefields, Shrewsbury Karate Club

Our Karate Classes
We provide a structured syllabus for each grade of student, which provides a good foundation of traditional Karate techniques working both individually and in pairs, building confidence, stamina and self discipline. All classes are taught with a considerable emphasis on safety.

Age Group
We cater for all age groups from 7 years old – from beginners to experienced and all levels of fitness and ability.

What Do I Wear?
As you progress through your training you will want to wear a Karate Suit known as a "Gi" these are easily available and other members of the club will guide you. Initially however feel free to wear loose fitting clothing, maybe a track suit, until you are sure Karate is for you.

Less than 1 mile from the Shrewsbury train station to the north of Shrewsbury town centre, our training hall is based at the Martin Wilson Primary School on New Park Road, Castlefields.
Find us at SY1 2SP, we are just off Spring Gardens (A5191).